One Hour Translation

One Hour Translation, headquartered in Cyprus, offers both retail and API based translation services in almost 60 languages. The company has attracted considerable press coverage and top tier clients for its service, which is focused on providing fast translation turnaround times. They have a network of over 10,000 freelance translators and offer 24 hour coverage for major language pairs.

The service is particularly useful for customers who need a text or document translated in a hurry. Customers simply complete a short web form to upload the source material, target language and dispatch the item for translation. Translations for shorter documents (200 words or less) are typically completed within an hour (an average translator can translate about 200 words per hour). Prices range from $0.07 to $0.10 per word depending on whether proofreading is required.

Best Fit

One Hour Translation is a good fit for both retail/web users who need fast, good quality translations, and software developers who are looking for an API based translation service.

Their retail product is well thought out, easy to use, and supports a large number of languages (over 50), making it one of the better web translation tools available.

Software developers looking for an API based service should also consider the company because of their extensive language support and short response time for shorter texts (actual delivery time does vary depending on when translators are available, text length and target language, but in general they focus on response time as a differentiating feature). Developers using an API based service should generally build connectors to several service providers so they can switch providers on the fly.

Similar Services And Competitors

One Hour Translation provides similar services to Gengo (Japan/San Francisco), SpeakLike (New York), Straker Translations (New Zealand) and Transfluent (Helsinki).

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