Worldcrunch : Translating The World’s News Into English

Paris based Worldcrunch is a new publication that translates foreign language news from leading sources into English. Founded by former Time magazine bureau chief Jeff Israely, the site’s team of journalists select, translate and curate interesting news stories from around the world.Worldcrunch launched in December 2011, and has quickly attracted a following. Unlike machine translation services, which produce awkward and difficult to read texts, Worldcrunch stories are translated by humans, and by working journalists, resulting in translations that are not only understandable, but also a pleasure to read.

The site tracks stories from many of the world’s leading news sources, including:

Other Ways To Read Foreign Language News

We recently reviewed the re-launched version of Babelfish. If you can’t find a human translation of a news story on Worldcrunch, you can use this service to machine translate it, and if desired, request a fast professional translation from Gengo or One Hour Translation (prices vary from 5 to 15 cents per word depending on the provider and quality level selected). So between Worldcrunch and Babelfish, you have a great set of tools for reading and sharing foreign language news stores.

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