Profile : Language Scientific

Language Scientific, based in Cambridge, is a specialist language service provider that focuses exclusively on scientific and technical translation services.

While most translation agencies offer higher end translation for medical and legal services, Language Scientific is unique in focusing exclusively on scientific and technical translation.

In addition to employing certified processes (ISO 9001, and EN1538), the company only hires translators who, in addition to being professional translators, are also professionals with real world work experience and advanced degrees in their field.

The company further improves quality with their “nexus” platform which matches translators with clients not just by domain of expertise but also by project need. For example, a translation project for a clinical trial report would be sent to a translator with a research background, while a patient facing project would be sent to a translator with a primary care or nursing background.

Among the services they provide are: on demand phone interpretation (consecutive and simultaneous), scheduled interpretation, document translation, software and website localization and custom NLP solutions.

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