GTS Translation Plugin For Word Press

GTS Translation, headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida, is a full service translation agency. They have released a Word Press plug in that makes publishing a multilingual website easy and economical.

Their Word Press plugin, which can be installed on any hosted Word Press site (though not on sites), enables users to combine machine, crowdsourced and professional translation.

As soon as you publish a new item, the plug-in machine translates the post to the requested target languages. You can then post-edit the translations using your own community of translators, or you can request professional translation from GTS network of professional translators.

This is an attractive solution because it enables you to decide which posts to professionally translate, and also gives you the option of crowd translating with your own pool of translators and volunteers to control costs.

Similar Solutions

There are a number of translation plugins for Word Press sites, including: WPML and Transfluent.

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