TAUS Technology Showcase : Cloudwords

Michael Meinhart from Cloudwords is here to discuss their translation/localization supply chain management tool. Cloudwords provides a convenient and centralized way for companies to search for translation vendors, request quotes on projects, and then manage projects with winning vendors.

The platform combines a marketplace with supply chain management tools. They are focused on the front-end of the supply chain, with an emphasis on translation buyers. The company was founded by a team of veterans from the translation and cloud application industry, with many veterans from Salesforce.com.

The platform is designed to deal with a broad range of content types, including: marketing (websites and marketing collateral), mobile (marketing, UI/UX, in app content), education (web and instructor training), product (UI/UX, documentation), and customer service (knowledge base and support collateral).

Cloudwords enables you to find translation providers for all types of content, where most vendors specialize on specific content types (mobile app localization for example). It is a fully cloud based system, accessible anytime from any device (including model), and offers the benefits of other cloud services (near zero implementation cost, near zero IT involvement, and low total cost of ownership).

The process is 70-80% faster (months to weeks, weeks to days) for total project cycle time. Translation is just one part of this. Project management and other overhead typically amounts to 30% or more of total cost and delivery time. The platform also enables projects to be managed centrally for consistency.

Meinhart cited the example of a Fortune 500 company. They needed to release marketing and educational materials in 5 markets and 4 weeks. Traditional vendors estimated the project would take 2-3 months at a cost of $200,000. Cloudwords enabled more efficient and cost effective process. 60% less cost, 80% less time.

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