POEditor.com : Simplified Localization Workflow

poeditor PO Editor is a simple, easy to use localization tool that you can use to simplify your software localization workflow.

Similar to services such as Onesky, Transifex and others, PO Editor makes easy work of uploading, translating and managing your localization files for your application. It provides a broad set of features including:

  • Fully supported string attributes and comments : References, contexts, plurals, fuzzy translations, comments are supported. Know everything there is to know about the terms and definitions you are working with to avoid undesired, time-consuming confusion.
  • Visual guidance during translation : The service guides translators, and helps avoid minor mistakes such as missing spaces, etc.
  • Public projects : Mark your project as public to allow crowd translations from your users.
  • Statistics : The POEditor Stats page offers precise information about the contributors’ activity, the amount of terms, definitions, words and characters belonging to a project, as well as charts and the percentage of completion of each language.
  • Translation memory : Re-use previous translations.
  • Automatic translation : Jump start your translations with machine translation from Bing and Google Translate.
  • REST API : Fully automate uploading and downloading localization files, integrate the service into your build/release process.
  • WordPress Plug In for Word Press developers : Make your WP themes multilingual with ease.
  • Translation Forecasts : Predict future progress based on work completed to date.

It supports common localization file formats, including:

  • Gettext .po and .pot
  • iOS .strings
  • Android .xml
  • Java .properties
  • Windows .resx
  • Excel .xls and .xlsx

Overall it is a well thought out tool. The one major omission is that it does not support connections to professional translation networks such as Gengo (see Transifex, which does). This is a big time saver, as you can order paid translations at prices ranging from 6 to 18 cents per word, and then have in house translators or trusted reviewers post-edit these translations. Hopefully they will add this soon.

Bottom line : a good tool to consider for localizing your web and mobile apps. It is also reasonably priced ranging from $15 to $200 per month, with pricing dependent on the number of strings in your catalogs.

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