ZipDX : Multilingual Teleconferencing with Simultaneous Interpretation

ZipDX, a high end teleconferencing service provider, has developed a great multilingual teleconferencing solution. The service combines simultaneous interpretation with high quality teleconferencing to provide an experience similar to the United Nations.

Simultaneous interpretation enables participants to speak normally as the would in a single language conference call. Existing conferencing systems use consecutive intepretation, where everyone is joined to a common channel, and has to wait for the interpreter to translate after each person has spoken (this slows communication and makes calls drag on and on and on).

With the ZipDX service, each caller dials into a channel dedicated to their language. The interpreter translates as each person speaks, so there is no delay due to translation. Let’s say you’re on an English-Spanish call and are dialed into the Spanish channel. You’ll hear Spanish in the foreground, with English very faintly in the background. This is similar to the way interpretation is done at the United Nations.

In addition to developing a unique tool for the interpretation industry, ZipDX has also built a top notch teleconferencing service which includes: wideband (high definition) audio, PIN less dialing (no need to remember conference codes to get in), and enhanced security features. Highly recommended for anyone who needs to organize virtual meetings on a regular basis.


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