Plunet : End to End Translation Project Management

We’re at Localization World in Santa Clara this week, where we spotted several interesting products and companies. One company to look at is Plunet, which makes a translation project management tool that allows customers to have end to end control over translation and localization projects, from budgeting to production to QA.

One of the challenges in translation and localization is planning and managing translation vendors and projects. If you just have one translation vendor, its not very difficult to do this using spreadsheets and email, but if you have multiple departments, projects or translation service providers, this quickly becomes a nightmare.

Plunet is somewhat unique in the industry as they provide a tool that gives customers control over every aspect of the translation process. It is available both as a customer owned system and as a cloud based offering. Most translation management systems focus on translation work, but don’t provide tools to manage things like project planning, budgeting, vendor management, invoicing and so forth.

Plunet’s solution is most comparable to Cloudwords, which provides not only translation management, but is extended to provide business intelligence, budgeting and vendor management tools.

The Bottom Line

Companies that have multiple projects, departments, or vendors running translation projects should seriously consider Plunet for its project management features. Cloudwords, which is a fully hosted solution, is also worth a close look.

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