Text Master : Copyediting and Translation

Text Master, which recently integrated with the Transifex localization management system, offers an interesting combination of copyediting and translation services. They actually started out by offering copyediting, and have since expanded to offer web and API based translation.

The service differs from translation services in that they offer copyediting and proof reading as well (a useful service when you need something proofed and edited, but not necessarily translated). They’ve since added translation to the suite of services they provide.

The number of languages they cover is not as broad as other translation specific providers, such as Gengo, but they offer a comprehensive suite of services in about a dozen languages.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for someone to proof/edit and sometimes translate the content you’re producing, especially if you need an automated or semi-automated process, they’re definitely worth a look. They are located at us.textmaster.com

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