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Highly Automated Translation : A Primer

What do you do when you have a continually changing stream of content that needs to be translated quickly, accurately and at a reasonable costs. Conventional LSPs aren’t really set up to handle this type of scenario, but fortunately there … Continue reading

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What Does A Localization Manager Do?

As a localization professional, people often ask what a localization manager typically does. In addition to knowing what issues to be aware of, its also good to understand what an in house localization manager does.

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A Localization Cheat Sheet For Developers and Managers

As a software developer and localization professional, I am often asked what are the main things to be aware of when localizing an app or service. So I put together this primer / cheat sheet for people who are new … Continue reading

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Text Master : Copyediting and Translation

Text Master, which recently integrated with the Transifex localization management system, offers an interesting combination of copyediting and translation services. They actually started out by offering copyediting, and have since expanded to offer web and API based translation.

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Transifex Adds Support For Translation Via Text Masters

Transifex, which makes a translation/localization management system that’s designed for software developers, has recently added support for professional translation via Text Master. Their system provides the option to have your application’s texts professionally translated via a simple checkbox operation. They … Continue reading

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Plunet : End to End Translation Project Management

We’re at Localization World in Santa Clara this week, where we spotted several interesting products and companies. One company to look at is Plunet, which makes a translation project management tool that allows customers to have end to end control … Continue reading

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ZipDX : Multilingual Teleconferencing with Simultaneous Interpretation

ZipDX, a high end teleconferencing service provider, has developed a great multilingual teleconferencing solution. The service combines simultaneous interpretation with high quality teleconferencing to provide an experience similar to the United Nations.

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