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Cloudwords : Translation Supply Chain & Process Management

I recently met with Michael Meinhardt, co-founder of Cloudwords, to get an update on their cloud based translation platform. Founded by veterans, CloudWords enables clients to manage their translation supply chain and process much more efficiently (most companies use … Continue reading

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LinqApp Social Translation App

LingApp, a social translation app for mobiles, was created by a Taiwan based startup. The app pairs people in need with language help with native speakers, and is based on a freemium model. Basic inquires are free, but users buy … Continue reading

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Global First : How To Build For A Global Audience From Day One

Published on Medium, Global First, an article about how to build an app or service that’s globally accessible from day one.

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Review : Using Gengo & Transifex To Localize A Web App In 20 Languages

Last month, we re-launched Der Mundo as a multilingual link sharing and cross-language search engine. Since the site’s purpose is to enable people to curate and share news and commentary across languages, the service had to be localized into many languages. This … Continue reading

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Tutorial – How To Combine Google Translate And Human Translators

Google Translate is the web’s most popular machine translation service. With support for over 60 languages, Google Translate enables web users to translate almost any web page. However, these translations are often less than perfect, and sometimes riddled with errors. … Continue reading

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Gengo Partners With 3PlayMedia To Offer Seamless Captioning

(Via Gengo) Ever wondered how to make your videos globally accessible, searchable, and SEO friendly? It’s traditionally been hard to do: you’d have to work with a number of different vendors to get transcriptions, at quite a high cost, and … Continue reading

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Reaching A Global Audience On A Startup Budget

This article outlines some inexpensive and straightforward things you can do to make your company and products accessible to a multilingual audience. This used to be a difficult and expensive undertaking, but thanks to a plethora of new translation services … Continue reading

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Smartling Adds Office Document Support To Its TMS

Smartling, the leading provider of agile localization tools, has upgraded its TMS to support popular office and design document formats, enabling the system to support a full range of localization projects.

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Der Mundo : Share Any Web Page In Any Language

Der Mundo ( is a new multilingual link sharing service. Simply provide a URL to share. The service generates a short code (URL) to share on social media. The service detects each visitor’s preferred language, and if needed, automatically translates … Continue reading

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New Scientist : Duolingo gives language learning a jump start

Luis von Ahn is an ambitious guy. He’s best known for putting a twist on CAPTCHAs – the squiggly fragments of text that websites deploy to beat spammers’ automated software – that he called reCAPTCHA. Von Ahn realised that when … Continue reading

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