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A Localization Cheat Sheet For Developers and Managers

As a software developer and localization professional, I am often asked what are the main things to be aware of when localizing an app or service. So I put together this primer / cheat sheet for people who are new … Continue reading

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Global First : How To Build For A Global Audience From Day One

Published on Medium, Global First, an article about how to build an app or service that’s globally accessible from day one.

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Tutorial – How To Combine Google Translate And Human Translators

Google Translate is the web’s most popular machine translation service. With support for over 60 languages, Google Translate enables web users to translate almost any web page. However, these translations are often less than perfect, and sometimes riddled with errors. … Continue reading

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Reaching A Global Audience On A Startup Budget

This article outlines some inexpensive and straightforward things you can do to make your company and products accessible to a multilingual audience. This used to be a difficult and expensive undertaking, but thanks to a plethora of new translation services … Continue reading

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Explainer : What’s A Fair Price For Professional Translation?

What’s a fair price to pay for professional translation? The answer is “it depends”. This tutorial will give you a sense of what to expect for different types of work.

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Explainer : Translation Memory

Translation memory is a bit of translation industry jargon that is frequently misunderstood by customers and by software developers. This tutorial explains how translation memory works, and how it can be used to maximize quality while reducing translation costs.

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Tutorial: How To Build A Multilingual Web Publication

One of the most common questions I am asked is how to build a multilingual website or publication. This is becoming an important requirement for many businesses, whether you need to reach Spanish speaking customers in the US, or reach … Continue reading

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Tutorial : Prioritizing Which Languages To Support

Transitioning from a single language company or product is an ongoing process. The first step is deciding which languages to support, and how to use analytics tools to measure results and maximize your return on investment. Done right, a multilingual … Continue reading

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What Every Startup Needs To Know About Translation

The web is a global communication medium, and yet very few startups (and surprisingly few established companies), have a strategy for going global. Until just a few years ago, going global was something only the world’s largest and richest companies … Continue reading

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Explainer: Translation Delivery Networks

Translation delivery networks (TDNs) are a new and powerful way to launch multilingual websites. These services work by intercepting webpages as they are served to visitors, and “redraw” the pages by replacing the source texts with translations, all while preserving … Continue reading

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