Consulting & Services

We can help your company, small or large, high tech or low tech, figure out the best way to do business in more than one language. We provide companies of all sizes and skill levels with services ranging from technology needs assessment to sourcing vendors to recruiting technical personel to assist you in your projects. Meanwhile we offer as a free, accessible resource that anyone can consult for vendor reviews, tutorials and instructional materials.

In my years of working in the translation industry, I’ve noticed that few companies know where to start. Large, multinational companies usually have people dedicated to translation and localization, but that’s not true of most companies, even fast growing high tech companies.

We provide a comprehensive range of services, and essentially provide your company with a localization department in a box. What does localization management entail? While the particulars vary from company to company, this usually involves a mix of technical and non-technical roles such as:

  • Market analysis, to determine which languages and locales will generate the best ROI, and how supported languages are performing in terms of revenue, churn and other metrics.
  • Selecting and managing language service providers (there are hundreds of translation agencies, each specializing in different languages, industries and type of work done)
  • Selecting and managing translation management systems (a central repository that is used to track localization/translation work)
  • Refactoring software for multilingual operation, and training developers on localization best practices (most developers have little or no formal training in this area)
  • General project management. We function as your localization manager. With a part-time commitment, you can have an expert localization team working for your company.

Our Value Proposition

Translation used to be viewed as a cost center by most businesses, essentially a cost of conducting business across borders. That’s no longer true now that the web offers instant access to the world’s population. We can help you in several ways.

  • Increase market reach and revenue, sometimes by orders of magnitude, by going multilingual.
  • Increase market share in your local area by welcoming people who speak English as a second language (e.g. US Hispanic market)
  • Prepare systems and processes so that you can roll your products out in other languages quickly, efficiently, and economically.
  • Avoid time consuming and costly mistakes that most companies make by learning through trial and error.

We can help you with everything from sourcing vendors to training your software developers on localization tools and platforms. There is no Swiss Army knife in the translation business, no single product or company that can do everything. Everyone’s situation is a bit different, so we’ll help you figure out the best solution, both in terms of quality, and also cost.

Contact us to learn more.

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