ZipDX : Multilingual Teleconferencing with Simultaneous Interpretation

ZipDX, a high end teleconferencing service provider, has developed a great multilingual teleconferencing solution. The service combines simultaneous interpretation with high quality teleconferencing to provide an experience similar to the United Nations.

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Deep Learning Will Revolutionize Machine Translation

Deep learning, a technique derived from neural networks (an early AI technology), is poised to revolutionize machine translation. Google recently open sourced its word2vec package, which analyzes English language texts to discover the meanings and relationships of words. The results are pretty impressive and point toward a significant advance in machine translation technology in the next few years.

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Posted in machine translation | Tagged , , | Leave a comment : Simplified Localization Workflow

poeditor PO Editor is a simple, easy to use localization tool that you can use to simplify your software localization workflow.

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Cloudwords : Translation Supply Chain & Process Management

I recently met with Michael Meinhardt, co-founder of Cloudwords, to get an update on their cloud based translation platform. Founded by veterans, CloudWords enables clients to manage their translation supply chain and process much more efficiently (most companies use a hodge podge of spreadsheets, email and FTP servers to do this).

The Cloudwords system is not a translation workbench, other companies such as SDL, Smartling and Transifex do this, but rather provides web based tools for managing business processes, sourcing vendors, and other tasks that are typically done manually. This eliminates a lot of the inefficiency and potential for mistakes associated with the time honored Excel spreadsheet.

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LinqApp Social Translation App

LingApp, a social translation app for mobiles, was created by a Taiwan based startup. The app pairs people in need with language help with native speakers, and is based on a freemium model. Basic inquires are free, but users buy credits to upload pictures and audio files (for example a mobile photo of a menu they need help translating). This bridges a gap between apps that use image recognition and machine translation (not very accurate) and conventional human translation. It’ll be interesting to see if they can attract a critical mass of users. If so, this could be a great solution for casual translation for travelers and language learners.

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Global First : How To Build For A Global Audience From Day One

Published on Medium, Global First, an article about how to build an app or service that’s globally accessible from day one.

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Review : Using Gengo & Transifex To Localize A Web App In 20 Languages

Last month, we re-launched Der Mundo as a multilingual link sharing and cross-language search engine. Since the site’s purpose is to enable people to curate and share news and commentary across languages, the service had to be localized into many languages. This would have been a formidable and expensive project until recently, but using Gengo and Transifex, the whole project took two days and cost just a few hundred dollars.

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