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Text Master : Copyediting and Translation

Text Master, which recently integrated with the Transifex localization management system, offers an interesting combination of copyediting and translation services. They actually started out by offering copyediting, and have since expanded to offer web and API based translation.

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Transifex Adds Support For Translation Via Text Masters

Transifex, which makes a translation/localization management system that’s designed for software developers, has recently added support for professional translation via Text Master. Their system provides the option to have your application’s texts professionally translated via a simple checkbox operation. They … Continue reading

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POEditor.com : Simplified Localization Workflow

 PO Editor is a simple, easy to use localization tool that you can use to simplify your software localization workflow.

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Review : Using Gengo & Transifex To Localize A Web App In 20 Languages

Last month, we re-launched Der Mundo as a multilingual link sharing and cross-language search engine. Since the site’s purpose is to enable people to curate and share news and commentary across languages, the service had to be localized into many languages. This … Continue reading

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Gengo Partners With 3PlayMedia To Offer Seamless Captioning

(Via Gengo) Ever wondered how to make your videos globally accessible, searchable, and SEO friendly? It’s traditionally been hard to do: you’d have to work with a number of different vendors to get transcriptions, at quite a high cost, and … Continue reading

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Reaching A Global Audience On A Startup Budget

This article outlines some inexpensive and straightforward things you can do to make your company and products accessible to a multilingual audience. This used to be a difficult and expensive undertaking, but thanks to a plethora of new translation services … Continue reading

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Gengo (www.gengo.com) is a Tokyo and US based translation technology company that has pioneered the concept of Translation as a Service (TaaS). They make a network of over 5,000 freelance translators look to software developers like an automated translation service … Continue reading

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