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TAUS Showcase : Tilde – Machine Translation For Secondary Languages

Tilde, based in Riga, Latvia, is a leading developer of European translation technology. The company focuses on developing hybrid machine/human translation engines for secondary languages, and started with the Baltic languages (Latvian, Estonian, and Lithuanian), which are poorly served by … Continue reading

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Profile : SDL BeGlobal Machine Translation Platform

SDL BeGlobal is a hybrid translation service, offered as a cloud based (SaaS) product, that combines statistical machine translation with translation memory, along with human review and post-editing. This enables customers to translate large volumes of material at a high … Continue reading

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Babelfish Reborn : Web Translation With Professional Options

If you were around during the early days of the web, you remember Babelfish (snapshot courtesy of the Wayback Machine), one of the first and most popular web translation services, something we take for granted today. The service has changed hands … Continue reading

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