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TAUS Technology Showcase : Smartling

Jack Welde, CEO of Smartling is here in Seattle to demo and discuss their translation delivery network and localization management system for software developers. The holy grail of translation for buyers is high quality, fast and affordable translation. Jack describes … Continue reading

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Explainer: Translation Delivery Networks

Translation delivery networks (TDNs) are a new and powerful way to launch multilingual websites. These services work by intercepting webpages as they are served to visitors, and “redraw” the pages by replacing the source texts with translations, all while preserving … Continue reading

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GTranslate (gtranslate.net) is a translation delivery network that combines machine, crowd and professional translation, and can be used to translate any website. It is similar in design to Smartling and Dakwak, where the customer maps a subdomain (e.g. espanol.company.com) to … Continue reading

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