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ZipDX : Multilingual Teleconferencing with Simultaneous Interpretation

ZipDX, a high end teleconferencing service provider, has developed a great multilingual teleconferencing solution. The service combines simultaneous interpretation with high quality teleconferencing to provide an experience similar to the United Nations.

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LinqApp Social Translation App

LingApp, a social translation app for mobiles, was created by a Taiwan based startup. The app pairs people in need with language help with native speakers, and is based on a freemium model. Basic inquires are free, but users buy … Continue reading

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Profile : GetLocalization

Helsinki based GetLocalization offers a turnkey web/mobile app localization platform that can also be used to manage the translation of common office documents (MS Word documents).

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TAUS Showcase : Tilde – Machine Translation For Secondary Languages

Tilde, based in Riga, Latvia, is a leading developer of European translation technology. The company focuses on developing hybrid machine/human translation engines for secondary languages, and started with the Baltic languages (Latvian, Estonian, and Lithuanian), which are poorly served by … Continue reading

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TAUS Technology Showcase : Smartling

Jack Welde, CEO of Smartling is here in Seattle to demo and discuss their translation delivery network and localization management system for software developers. The holy grail of translation for buyers is high quality, fast and affordable translation. Jack describes … Continue reading

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TAUS Technology Showcase : Translated.net

Translated.net is here in Seattle demoing a new plugin that extends popular CAT (computer aided translation) tools so that translators can work effectively as teams, and use a shared pool of translation memory and machine translation services.

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Profile : Lingro translation dictionaries

Lingro, founded in 2005 by Arthur Jank, is a popular collection of translation dictionaries for the web. The dictionary enables you to browse your favorite sites normally, and displays a popup translation dictionary when you click on a word.

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GTS Translation Plugin For Word Press

GTS Translation, headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida, is a full service translation agency. They have released a Word Press plug in that makes publishing a multilingual website easy and economical.

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Profile : expressIt Document Translation

expressIt (www.expressitnow.com) is an expedited document translation service that was developed by Elanex, a San Francisco based professional translation services and technology company. This service enables you to upload documents for translation (plain text, web and Microsoft Office formats are … Continue reading

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Profile : SDL BeGlobal Machine Translation Platform

SDL BeGlobal is a hybrid translation service, offered as a cloud based (SaaS) product, that combines statistical machine translation with translation memory, along with human review and post-editing. This enables customers to translate large volumes of material at a high … Continue reading

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